How long does will it take for my order to get to me?


      It all depends on what is ordered.      Most Single item orders take about2-4 weeks from when we receive your payment.

      Larger orders take longer; we will be in   touch with you via email and keep you posted regarding everything that you ordered.


What do I do if I want to place a special or custom made item?


      Go to our contact us page and fill in your info. and design, and we will contact you as soon as we can to make your dream a reality!


How do I measure myself for a custom Shtender?


Table top Shtenders:


      Height—most tables are 31” high. Place a         tape measure on the table and pull it to the height where you would like your Sefer to be.


      Width—Measure from your left elbow to your right elbow, if you want to lean on the Shtender.


Floor Shtender:


      Height—Measure from the floor to where you would want the Sefer to be.


            Width—(Leg room area) Measure the desired width for your legs, from your toes to the top of your knees, and from knee to knee.


            (Top area) measure from elbow to elbow.


How long does it take to receive a custom order?


      3-6 weeks, but it all depends on what was ordered.

How do I send someone a gift?


      Please email us what you want written, and the address you would like it to be shipped too.


Can i get the exact stain match?

We try are best to match it to your preference, but we DO NOT guarantee it due to the different types of woods and stains.


What are "Wooden Embellishments"?

They are wooden accents or shadow boxes that are put on the sides of the shtender, depending on the type of shtender you order.

(see picture below)


What is the lock?

Its a standard cabinet lock that comes with two keys.

(see picture below)


What is a "Name Plate"?

Its a brass colored stick on plate with your name on it or whatever you want it to say. It is placed on the middle of the top part of the shtender, or your own preferred area.

(see picture below)


What is the shtender made of?


The majority of the shtender is made from redoak plywood which is durable and stains very nice. The door parts and siddur holder are made of hardwood. The "Yeshiva Floor shtender" and the "Stand up, Sit down Shtender" is made entirely of hardwood. 


Does my Shtender have a warranty?


Just like most furniture, you’re Shtender or any other item we sell is NOT under any warranty that is caused by regular wear and tear. If it comes damaged, and can be proven that it came damaged, than we will replace it at no cost.



    ​For shuls or schools that need more assistance in ordering our products, please be in touch with us via email at and we will be glad to work with you and help in your purchase.






                                The Shtender team!





Please feel free to contact us, we reply ASAP!

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